Oil extraction plant 

   The main activity of the company is processing oilseeds, as well as wholesale products of their processing, such as: refined sunflower and rapeseed oil, sunflower meal, as well as pellets from sunflower husks.
One of the main advantages of our factory is output to the port on the river. Danube and the Black Sea, as well as the ability to login barges, and ships in port capacity up to 6 tons and 3 tons of loading oil and meal per day.
Favorable climatic conditions contribute to high agro-development in the region. The average annual harvest of sunflower is 150 thousand tons., 300 tonnes of rape., 450 thousand tons of wheat, 700 tonnes of barley, 200 tonnes of maize.
Currently capacity is 600-800 tons per day. The overall performance of the enterprise for processing raw materials is – 252 000 tonnes of seeds per year. The annual production volume of 108,360 tons of oil, 98,280 tons of meal and 18,150 tons of pellets.
For the production of waste there is a line in the granulation sunflower husk pellets – pellets. Performance of this line is 130 tons per day.
The quality of raw materials and finished products is certified laboratory control, equipped with all necessary modern equipment.
Our factory has elevator floor storage capacity of 30 000 tonnes of sunflower, as well as 10,000 tons of meal. Enterprise services are provided free of charge acceptance, undermining and storage of agricultural products, followed by priority right to buy .

Oil extraction plant can arrange your own transport export of agricultural products directly from the fields.

We hope for further cooperation.